The Role of Color in Branding in the Mortgage Industry


Color plays a huge role in our lives. When we get up in the morning, we make decisions on what colors we’re going to wear that day based on our mood, whether or not we have a meeting to attend, who we’re going to see that day and the impression we want to leave on them and more. So, it stands to reason that we use much the same thought process when we decide upon the colors we will use in our corporate color palettes.

Selecting colors you’re comfortable with is important. However, evaluating those colors before the final selection is made through the lens of a color psychology chart is recommended when branding your mortgage industry entity. Hopefully, your personal favorites send the right message! 

Mortgage bankers and brokers will naturally want to select colors for logos, websites and print that emphasize stability, safety, trustworthiness, authority, good values, technologically advanced, strength and of course the availability of money. Other mortgage industry companies will naturally select colors that emphasize some of the same qualities along with other colors that are representative of other qualities, thoughts or feelings they want to evoke from their target audiences. Selection of your color palette, and how color is distributed through visual branded items, is quite significant given the psychological value associated with them.

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Mortgage companies in particular may wish to consider the significance of a few primary colors… 

  • green and blue: generally considered trust-building colors
  • red and black: high energy colors that suggest power, strength and authority
  • green and gold: colors associated with wealth

Understand this is not meant to imply that I recommend these colors be in your color palette if they are not already. It really comes down to your particular brand and what you are trying to convey to your audience. Many very successful mortgage companies deviate from these colors or use lighter shades for a more youthful or contemporary look.

Here’s an overview of the implications behind standard colors:

If you’re considering refreshing your color palette or if you’re in the process of developing a color palette for a new mortgage industry-related company, I recommend merely keeping the key colors in mind pointed out earlier. Don’t feel compelled to follow the pack as some originality can still be very powerful.

Here are a few rules to keep in mind when making your color selection:

  1. Keep it simple. Select no more than 2 to 3 colors. Sure, many companies use more however remember what you’re selling. People in the market for a mortgage are likely to form an adverse opinion about your company’s attitude and capabilities if you have the color scheme of a bowl of fruit loops! You don’t want your marketing items to look too busy, distracting from the message.
  2. Use the 60-30-10 rule. Pick a primary color that you will use in 60% of the space, a secondary you will use in 30% and if you have a third color then use that one the remaining 10%.
  3. Review your competitor’s color schemes. Even though you will find many that use similar colors to your own, a good creative person should be able to manipulate them and combine them in a way that sets you apart. The imagery you select will also play a role in differentiation. 
  4. Consider your target audience. For example, if you’re a mortgage company that specializes in reverse mortgages, stability and trust will be key in your selection criteria and avoiding bolder colors and colors or color combinations considered to be more youthful.
  5. Make sure the colors you select will present well whether online or in print. For example, metallic colors may look great in print, but not play out so well online. Certain shades of red may also appear to be pink on some browsers as well. So, be sure your final selection is practical for all uses

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Download Mortgage Banking Article \u0026quot\u003BMoving Beyond Brand X\u0026quot\u003B