Lori Highby
Director of Digital and Social Media Strategy

Lori started out at a web agency in the early 2000s, where she self-taught SEO, PPC, and email marketing tactics while implementing traditional methodologies for strategy. Today she has the privilege of working with many strong B2B and B2C brands in mortgage, fintech and other industries in building and executing successful digital marketing strategies focused on generating a positive ROI.

Her core personal value of lifelong learning allows Lori to stay on top of technological advances and understand how they can be applied to an effective marketing strategy. In addition, she is passionate about sharing the many creative and strategic digital marketing lessons she’s learned with people and organizations through speaking engagements and as an adjunct professor at UW-Milwaukee.
As a strong believer in networking (both digitally and traditionally), Lori has served on numerous boards including the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin.

When she’s not working or teaching, you can often find Lori at an ice rink playing hockey with her husband or walking her two dachshunds through the park.