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Millennials’ Home Financing Expectations

Despite narratives of millennials disinterest in buying homes, the reality is that one-third have already purchased their first home and they are rapidly becoming more affluent. Millennials are a rising force to be reckoned with and will have clear expectations and demands when going through the home financing process. A recent article in Forbes states…


How do you create a brand that drives Realtor® referrals?

mortgage marketing strategies drive realtor referral

The tides have turned and the shores are awash with those who have lost their jobs due to the rising rates and the resulting falloff of refinance business. Mortgage companies from coast to coast are working hard to campaign their way into the Realtor® community, hoping to build the necessary trust that will drive purchase…


Is Your Brand Strategy Holding You Back?

You may already have a marketing strategy in place. But, what about your brand strategy? The latter is often overlooked as it’s frequently misunderstood and passed off as a “soft” item…one that can be dealt with at a later time. But hold on…your brand strategy actually lays the foundation for all of your marketing activities….


7 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Could Fail

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Many companies in the mortgage industry are considering their marketing strategies for the coming year…or may even have their strategies in place. But there’s a problem…many will fail to achieve their desired outcomes. For a marketing strategy to be truly successful, there has to be a high level of determination among the executive staff that…