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Marketing Automation Optimizer

    By: Pat Seroka Are you in the mortgage or fintech arena and do you own a sales or marketing automation platform? If so, are your taking the greatest advantage of that excellent marketing tool to capture all the new business it is designed to help you acquire? Or, are you like many companies,…


7 Lead Nurturing Best Practices

By: John Seroka Are you challenged with converting your leads into new business? Do you feel like you try to nurture them along, but they disappear and land at the front door of your competitor? Many B2B companies in the mortgage and fintech industries lack an effective lead nurturing program that can lead to more conversions….


4 Ways Automation Boosts Your Marketing ROI

By: John Seroka Did you know that, on average, 51 percent of companies are currently using marketing automation? Also, more than half (58 percent) of B2B companies have adopted the technology. But, according to the most recent study by LeadMD, only 21% of users are “above average” in their usage maturity level.  Automated marketing systems (AMS)…