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4 Ways to Get the Most From Your Ad Agency

By: Pat Seroka Your ad agency is your most important partner in growing your business, and like your attorney or accountant, they can only provide results if you share all the details with them. To get the greatest bang from your ad agency you need to consider these 4 “rules of engagement.” First – they…


7 Ways to Connect Millennials With Your Brand

By: Scott Seroka I know what you’re thinking. “Great! Another blog about Millennials!” Yes, it is. And the reason I wrote this blog is because many marketers are still trying to crack some kind of code to learn how to reach this elusive generation, hold their attention for more than a few seconds and hopefully…


4 Ways to Make Your Clients Your Brand Advocates

Many of us live and die on referrals. When you make a client happy, you’ll have an advocate who will gladly provide referrals for years to come, and s/he may even be inspired to promote your company, mortgage loan officer or other company rep on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Google or any number of other places….