Strategic Planning

We dive deep into our professional services clients’ brands because only that way can we truly understand and promote them.

When you come to Seroka for your professional services strategic communications plan, be prepared for a well-thought-out strategy. Whether you are a law firm, accountant, or other professional service, we will use our years of experience working with organizations like yours to develop an effective strategy. We dive deep into companies’ brands because only then can we truly understand and promote them.

Our thorough strategic planning process results in comprehensive plan that includes a detailed schedule of promotional activities which focus on communicating your brand to your target audiences.  We understand that each industry has its own needs and will create a strategic plan that works for your professional service target audience and industry.  We do this with a plan that uses a mixture of marketing, public relations, and social and digital tools. Our plan includes various topics to promote throughout the year but also allows for changes to be made along the way as we know that your needs are constantly evolving and we want to ensure that your messaging and marketing activities are, too. We also don’t put all your “eggs” in one basket. Our strategic plans include multiple tactics to obtain better results for each of our clients.