Social Media Marketing

We'll keep your mortgage brand actively in front of your target audience by utilizing the full spectrum of social media platforms.

Your social media presence is a key to your brands success. Anyone can post to Twitter or Facebook.  Yet, are the posts building your brand and increasing your business? Seroka is ready to develop a potent social media presence for your organization.


We develop a social media strategy, and then use the strategy to build your business. We begin by partnering with you to understand your goals and audience. We then set up accounts if needed and monitor them for you. We work with you, creating and publishing branded content.  As your audience responds to your posts we help you respond to them.

Social media marketing works best with a well thought out, strategic plan that is tailored to your needs. We use both paid and organic strategies to get your posts in front of the right audience to produce real results. Because social media trends are constantly changing, we adjust your strategy so that it remains successful.


Content creation is the most time-consuming part of marketing with social media. We take the time to understand what types of content are best for your prospects and customers. We then create videos, text, images, audio, infographics, etc. for your audience.


Your social media presence is an extension of you and your brand. We maintain a consistent posting schedule keeping you in front of your audience.  We monitor the effectiveness of your posts and make changes to strategy as needed.   Our goal is to engage with your audience to foster a sense of community.  The mindshare you build with your community can be a rich source of business and referrals.