Public Relations

Kindle awareness of your brand. Create goodwill. Build your credibility. Enhance your image. That's what our PR experts do.

The Professional Services industry is a “People Business”.  Therefore building awareness – among your customers and peers; Getting published – in the media important for your field; Getting noticed – by your target audience; Securing speaking engagements at professional conferences and trade shows – at the best venues; Obtaining recognition – by those highly valued in the industry; Being prepared – in the event of a crisis … these are just a few of the goals of an effective public relations plan.

Public Relations involves strategically managing the flow of information from your organization to your audience. It kindles awareness of your brand and services. It creates goodwill, builds your credibility, and enhances your image. And, it enables you to protect your brand in the event of a public storm.

The enhanced image and preparedness you will realize from a well-crafted public relations strategy will complement, intensify and bring significant added value to your marketing efforts.  And when supported by a strong PR strategy, all those marketing efforts will work in unison to build your brand within the markets you need to reach and influence. Our initial focus will be to gain a thorough understanding of your services and target customers, both existing and prospects, and your competitive landscape. Then we will identify the public relations opportunities and tactics that will best serve your needs. The result will be the creation of a public relations strategic plan that will effectively generate the recognition you want, and need, to succeed.

Our professionals work closely with you to cultivate media relations and maintain a favorable public image for your organization. We position you as an expert in your field, a go-to source of information for the media. Whether you are revitalizing or launching a new brand or service; staging an event; or raising capital, our team will create compelling messages designed to reach and influence your target audience. From speaking engagements and media tours, to press coverage, awards and beyond, our team excels at quickly developing relationships with key constituents to gain high-impact results.

Our PR wheelhouse incorporates:

  • Media list development for your service industry
  • Blogger list development for your service industry
  • Media relations
  • Feature article writing
  • Talking points for media interviews
  • Media interview/spokesperson training
  • News releases
  • Media tours
  • Media kits
  • Blogger relationships
  • Awards
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Issues and crisis management


Securing media placements from well-forged relationships

Over the years, Seroka has formed close relationships with editors, bloggers and reporters who cover the professional services you provide. Our experienced PR team submits press releases and feature article ideas to the publications and web sites that count in your industry.  Feeding hot topical content on your behalf to those outlets on a consistent basis and getting numerous placements for our clients has proven to raising their profile.

Gaining recognition through award opportunities

We work with our clients to obtain recognition in your industry as well. Industry recognition not only a key to landing new business, but also in attracting the talent you need to deliver your services.

Establishing credibility through speaking engagements

Seroka assists clients in securing speaking opportunities at state and national association trade shows to demonstrate their authority, integrity and credibility. We position you as an expert in your industry, a go-to source of information for the media.

Trade Show/Convention Planning and Preparation

Seroka reviews with clients appropriate industry trade shows to attend, and secures booth space and sponsorships. In addition, we act as your marketing arm handling the logistics for shipping your booth and materials. We also develop pre-show promotions to drive traffic to your booth and assist in securing on-site meetings.