Digital Marketing Services

Build a digital presence that out-performs your competition. Drive new leads directly to your landing pages and website. Put our 30+ years of experience creating marketing strategies for the mortgage and fintech industries to work for you.

Your customers and competitors live and compete in a digital world. Recent research shows that most current ad spending is now digital. The leading platforms are search, social and video.

Our mortgage and financial technology marketing team will help you reach your audience.  Do you need help with your digital marketing strategy? First we create messages that your audience will respond to.  We then develop a digital marketing plan that makes sure your messages reach your audience. Need help managing and measuring the plan’s effectiveness? We can help you with that too.

Your online presence is your organization’s front door. It is how today’s customers will meet you. It is also where your customers will compare you to your competition.

We develop digital marketing plans that maximize your visibility. We target the sector of the mortgage and financial technology industry that’s interested in your product or service. Our digital team has experience serving some of the most recognized brands in the United States. They will develop a comprehensive plan that uses a full spectrum of digital marketing tools including:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is an investment that combines Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising. The goal is to get your message in front of buyers at the moment they have interest. This will get your message to prospects when they search for a mortgage or financial technology. First, we gather organization and target audience intelligence. Then we develop and optimize the best SEM plan to put you front and center on search results pages. Finally, we analyze your program’s success and adjust it as needed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO approach ensures that prospects looking for your online content will find it. First, we identify issues that limit your website’s search visibility. Then we analyze your current SEO strategy including website structure, content and performance. We then review your competitors’ SEO efforts.

The result is an effective SEO strategy. How do we build your SEO strategy? We use industry leading tools and our experience to build your search visibility. We help you by optimizing your content for your human and search engine audience. We then make sure that technical SEO elements are in place. This helps search engines understand your content. The better search engines understand your content, the better job they do for you.

Part of your SEO program is the tracking and reporting we provide. We track your search results placement and changes in your website traffic. This helps us react to your competitors and changes in search algorithms. This insures that your SEO program will continue to meet your goals.


Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) uses search engine advertising to generate traffic to your website. PPC can be a cost-effective strategy when used correctly. Our digital marketing team will find the most effective search phrases and bidding strategies for you. A targeted PPC program can work alongside your SEO efforts to get your site noticed on Google or through display ads on relevant websites. We manage all aspects of your PPC campaign including keyword targeting, bidding and reporting.


The content on your website tells the story of your business. Our process discovers the specific tone and topics that work best for your target audience. We take the essence of your brand and use it to create meaningful and relevant content for your readers. Your content can be anything from a memorable blog post to creating an educational eBook.

Our content writing services include website content, blogging, social media posts and email marketing.


Online contests and promotions can generate excitement and increase leads. The response that you get can also guide your content. We can create a range of online tools you can use to draw new prospects. We can create programs ranging from basic online contest forms to viral sweepstakes and instant win games. We provide the strategy, research, creative design and technology necessary to achieve winning results.


As we work with you on your digital marketing program, it is important to know where you are and where you are going. Our team uses professional online marketing tools to track you and your competitors’ online success.

We analyze online, social and mobile data and stats to create activity and search results placement reports. We track your progress and monitor your ROI by diving deep to measure and evaluate the data that matters to you and your strategy. By analyzing how your digital content is performing we can suggest new content and changes to help you compete.