Campaign Measurement

Utilizing the right tools to track success and optimize your spend across channels is critical in today's fast-moving digital environment.

Tired of wasting resources on marketing efforts that produce uncertain results?

With Seroka as your partner, you’ll have access to detailed campaign measurement and analytic tools to confidently evaluate your success. You’ll get a detailed look at the success of your marketing and advertising campaigns. You’ll also be able to see the extent and reach of your PR strategy.

Seroka’s brand campaign specialists use a variety of resources and tools to ensure we’re meeting your goals from start to finish.

We begin by assessing your objectives and setting site/campaign conversion goals. This may include any number of metrics, including form submissions, phone calls, payment calculator usage, page sharing, new followers and more. Once the campaign gets underway, we put a host of tools to work in tracking progress, including (but not limited to):

  • Google Analytics and powerful website statistics plugins – this includes measuring who is visiting your site, how they arrived, how long they stayed, pages viewed, impressions, clicks, and much more.
  • SEO performance – improving and refining your SEO is critical to generating traffic, leads and conversions.
  • Social media tools – we’ll check the progress of your campaign on social media platforms, utilizing the high-powered analytics that are available through LinkedIn, Facebook and more.
  • Web server access log reporting
  • Referral traffic – how is your external content performing? We’ll make sure you’re maximizing these marketing opportunities.
  • Closely examine and monitor page and site activity trends – it’s critical to know what your traffic looked like before the campaign started to build actionable data and reporting.
  • Tracking of website performance, relative to key competitors
  • Search keyword volume analysis, and audience demographic reports

Additionally, we follow up at the end of the campaign with specific success measurements, complete with data-driven analysis.

No guesswork – we’re results-focused and committed to giving you a simple and clear way to make sure we meet your expectations.