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7 Reasons Leading Brands Lose Their Lead

By: Scott Seroka There are quite a few companies out there that just seem to have everything figured out. Just look to Quicken, Amazon, Coca-Cola and Toyota, or even some smaller companies you’re personally aware of that are so successful that they can’t keep up with customer demand or are maybe even forced to turn…

How to Defeat the Challenge of Defining Your Bank’s Values

By: Scott Seroka In the process of defining values, some banks don’t realize that the very values they are promoting would be better defined as basic customer expectations. Here are a few examples: Honesty. I would certainly hope so. Not that any financial institution has a choice as any dishonest activity borders on the line…

How is Your Financial Institution’s Brand Perceived? Do You REALLY Know?

    By: Pat Seroka Every financial institution, and company for that matter, has three perceptions: That of its customers That of its employees, and That of its management When all three are in alignment, there is a clear pathway for growth, without confusion. Employees understand what their bank or credit union is known for,…

10 Tactics For Building a High-Performance Culture

  By: Scott Seroka In our roundtable meetings, she often spoke of the strained relationship she had with her business partner. She described her partner as being “brilliant” in terms of industry knowledge and bringing aboard new business. However, he was also described as a bully with respect to his style of management and leadership….

Don’t Make This Mistake When Creating Your Bank’s Tagline

By: Scott Seroka Think, just for a brief moment about the following statements: Impossible is nothing. The end of late fees. The start of more. What’s your problem? Why fool around with anyone else? Huh? The above were taglines used by Adidas, Blockbuster Video, FileMaker Pro and FedEx, respectively. Some in use longer than others….

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