5 Common Roadblocks to Building a Winning Brand

Often times, companies end up “settling” for a brand that is either soft, or not as strong as it could be.

A soft brand (one lacking compelling and relevant distinctions) tends to blend in with others, rendering it nearly invisible regardless of how many marketing dollars are used to push it out to prospective clients, customers and partners. In fact, promoting a soft or blurry brand will do more harm than good simply because the act of promoting it does nothing more than communicate “me too” messages, making the brand irrelevant.

Soft brands are often a consequence of running into one or more of the following 5 common roadblocks to building a winning brand in the brand development process.

  1. Placing too much emphasis on creating a brand that merely sounds and looks better than the competition, instead of building a brand out of a combination of a company’s intangible assets, such as intellectual property, specializations, processes, patents and accreditations.
  2. The inability to reach an agreement or decision (internally) on what the brand should be, consequently ending up with a “cheese pizza brand” with no toppings, as defined by committee.
  3. Failing to consider or recognize the valuable insights people from non-marketing or non-sales roles in the company can bring to the brand development discussion. You know – those people from HR, underwriting, funding, compliance and client service. What do they know about branding? It doesn’t matter. They all have the potential of offering brand perspectives never thought of or considered in the past.
  4. Playing it safe by creating a brand that is different, but not too different from everyone else. In other words, a brand not compelling enough to attract measurable new business.
  5. The inability to think through a compelling and meaningful answer to the question, Why should our brand be given top consideration? Companies need to be able to answer this most important, yet simple question with utmost confidence and conviction.

If anything you’ve read sounds a little too familiar, contact us today so that we may talk about how we could help you break down any roadblocks preventing you from building a stronger brand to grow your business.

Scott Seroka is a Principal and Chief Brand Strategist of Seroka Brand Development