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Marketing Automation Optimizer

By: Pat Seroka
Are you in the mortgage or fintech arena and do you own a sales or marketing automation platform?
If so, are your taking the greatest advantage of that excellent marketing tool to capture all the new business it is designed to help you acquire?
Or, are you like many companies, that don’t understand how best to use it and as a result are losing out on the many great features it offers?

We’ve found that many sales or marketing automation program owners are getting only a small fraction of the benefits they could acquire primarily due to these 3 reasons:

  • They lack a strategy of how to maximize its potential across the many marketing channels available.
  • They lack the resources to create the volume of content it takes to fuel the system and make it work to their greatest advantage.
  • They don’t have a plan of how they will continue to use it and integrate it into their marketing strategy to grow their business.

As a matter of fact, only 21% of companies who have purchased a marketing automation system are using it to its full potential!
That means 4 out of 5 users are just riding along and not using all the bells and whistles available to them! Well we’re here to help change that. We developed Marketing Automation Optimizer to help mortgage and fintech companies optimize their marketing automation and sales engagement technologies.
Plus, it doesn’t matter which marketing automation or sales engagement platform you are using ─ it could be HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Outreach, SalesLoft or any other.
Our Marketing Automation Optimizer integrates with all of them.  Plus, it offers three unique levels of support: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
The Silver package is for a company that already has a strategy but needs help implementing it. It’s all about developing engaging, personalized content for you like email tracks, white papers, case studies, videos, infographics and blog posts and more.
Our Gold package takes things up a notch – here we provide consulting work and strategize with your team about the various touchpoints that are needed in order to be effective; and we also develop personalized content for multiple campaigns including emails and social media.
And, our Platinum package is our premier offering. It includes a more in-depth strategy session with our specialists, development of a long-term plan and content structure for multiple campaigns including emails, social media, and other marketing materials such as white papers, videos and more. We also can physically help set up the campaigns in your system.
Success with marketing automation and sales engagement platforms really comes down to two things – having a proper strategy in place to reach target audiences and having a team to create content and implement that strategy.
If your marketing automation and sales engagement optimization is falling short, click here to contact us or learn more!

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