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Staying Alive in a Tough Market in the Mortgage Industry

Staying Alive in a Tough Market in the Mortgage Industry

The mortgage industry is facing challenging times. Some companies will survive, others may not. Some will panic and freeze all expenses short of turning on the lights while others…the fighters and opportunists…will view this market as a chance to take their companies and brands to the next level, ensuring their positions are solid when the…


7 Reasons Marketing Plans Fail

When the economy starts to head a little south, it seems as if the marketing budget is the first to see the swinging ax. This is counterintuitive to the CEO, owner or entrepreneur who, in desperate times, is preoccupied with how he or she will compete to retain business and win new business. Cutting back the marketing = out of sight, out of mind.


How to Reduce Your Cost Per Lead and Closed: A Deeper Look

New regulations are having a profound impact on the mortgage industry. For mortgage companies, profitability margins per closed loan are thinning due to increased compliance, competition, production costs and more. This fact coupled with decreased origination volume is affecting all sectors of the industry, motivating CEO’s to look for places to reduce cost, including marketing…