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Name Change Considerations and Brand Impact

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Many times throughout my career, I’ve been confronted with the task of assisting companies in the mortgage industry with changing their corporate names. Undergoing a name change is a very complex task that requires significant resources and a well thought-out strategy…especially when the old or current name has significant brand equity. For that reason, I tend to err on the side of keeping the current name unless the reasons for the change are truly compelling, with no other reasonable option in sight.


“Show and Tell” to Make Your Brand More Engaging!

Remember “show and tell?” Think back to when you were just a child in grade school. It’s your first day of class after summer break. Your new teacher asks you to present to the class about something exciting you’ve done over your vacation later that week during “show-and-tell.” Maybe you went to Disney World, so…


The “Bat Phone” for your Mortgage Industry Brand

I visit with many companies throughout the mortgage industry from retail lenders to technology providers and everyone in between and assisting them with their brands and communications strategies. Unfortunately, not enough companies are completely embracing the “decade of mobile,” specifically mobile apps, which compelled me to write this post.