Executive Leadership

We are a privately held, entrepreneurial agency, staffed with senior-level executives who act like, think like and make decisions like entrepreneurs. We are nimble and swift in execution, ensuring that our clients receive maximum value from their investment. One of our Certified Brand Strategists becomes part of your client service team, not a junior-level account executive. This is the difference between a business partnership and just a vendor relationship.

With our second-to-none client service promise, each one of our clients has direct access to any one of our owners before, during and after business hours. Why? It’s because we understand that not everything can wait until the next business day.

Patrick H. Seroka, CEO and Certified Brand Consultant

Patrick H. Seroka

President & CEO, Certified Brand ConsultantPat Seroka - Certified Brand Consultant

Studying why people select one brand over another and researching their motivations always fascinated me.

After a brief stint selling newspaper and broadcast advertising I founded Seroka & Associates in 1987. Focusing initially on the financial and mortgage industry our reputation built rapidly, gaining national recognition in the mortgage arena through joint venture activities with the MBA. We also grew a fledging start-up mortgage banker into the largest mortgage lender in the Chicago land area over a 9 year period as its agency of record. During that time I won an Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst & Young.

The 90’s saw us add a full-service public relations division and also incubate a healthcare division to grow to serve the largest health insurer in the country as well as many health care organizations from coast to coast.

Since 2000 we diversified into manufacturing which offered a few enjoyable international marketing adventures in addition to growing our spectrum of client service. I also picked up a Competition Racing License for weekend fun.

Today, we are one of 29 Certified Brand Strategists in the U.S. and specialize in providing brand development and strategic communication services to the mortgage, manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

Life is made of passions; I invite you to share mine.

John Seroka, Principal and Brand Strategist
John Seroka - Brand Strategist

John Seroka

Principal, Brand Strategist

At my core, I’m a strategist. I love working with those that have solid goals and high expectations…and taking them to the next level of prosperity.

What I enjoy most is when I get to meet with new companies, roll up my sleeves and learn everything about them…about their brand perceptions, how they work, competitive advantages, how they position themselves, learn about their competition…and much more. The synergy and partnership with them is very important to me.

Once I have that in-depth understanding, I like to work closely with my team to develop a broad-reaching, highly detailed plan that utilizes a combination of brand development and communications strategies to help them achieve – or exceed – their goals in volume and market share. What’s very exciting is when we can demonstrate the ROI through benchmark studies, campaign coding and more and then keep that positive momentum going. My focus is truly on the long term relationship opportunities, being creative, innovative, knowledgeable of their business and driving success.

I have a strong background in the mortgage industry and serve as co-Chairman of the California MBA Mortgage Technology and Marketing Committee.

Scott Seroka, Principal and Certified Brand Strategist

Scott Seroka

Principal, Certified Brand ConsultantScott Seroka - Certified Brand Strategist

This is a very personal business for me, so I treat each client’s brand as if it were my own. Seroka is not a huge agency and that works to our clients’ advantage because we can make sure each is experiencing the highest possible level of service and optimal return on investment.

I lead one of several CEO roundtables through the Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce (MMAC), I am a member of Brand Establishment and Second Wind, and earned my Train the Trainer certificate in Leader Effectiveness Training through Gordon Training International. I have also been a featured speaker at a wide range of corporate events and trade shows, and I have been interviewed for, and featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Mortgage Professional, National Mortgage Press, Corporate Report Wisconsin, BizTimes and numerous other news and industry publications.

And one more thing – I enjoy being on stage and have performed at The Second City improvisational theater in Chicago.

Amy Hansen, Director of Client Services and Public Relations

Amy Hansen

Director of Public Relations and Client Services

I see myself as an extension of each client’s marketing team. For me, being a true business partner to clients isn’t a catch phrase – it’s how I work every day. In my 12 years in public relations and advertising, I have successfully managed accounts on a national, regional and local basis in a variety of industries.

One of my most memorable undertakings involved working with the Bush administration and the Secret Service to coordinate President George W. Bush’s attendance at a major event. This included, among other things, pitching and participating in interviews with the national media.

I have strong, mutually respectful relationships with key media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Fox Business and many more. In addition, I have developed relationships with a wide range of trade publications in our key vertical markets. These relationships have been integral to the success of my clients’ programs.

I have extensive experience in virtually every area of public relations and marketing – from providing strategic counsel to clients, and conducting media tours and interviews; to writing and placing press releases and feature articles; to handling project management for marketing materials, brochures, social media, email blasts, interactive campaigns, newsletters, ads, radio spots, and more.

I am a member of the Public Relations Society of Wisconsin and Second Wind. When I have time, I enjoy getting out on the golf course to perfect my swing, and spending time with my husband and son.



We are excited to be continuing our relationship with Seroka. Their industry knowledge has proven to be of great value to us, and laid the groundwork for the marketing and public relations successes we’ve realized over the last year. Parkside Lending’s business is stronger as a result of our strategic partnership with Seroka.
Matthew Ostrander, Parkside Lending
We chose Seroka as a vendor-partner because of their long, 25+ year history of successes in the mortgage industry. That, combined with their unique ability to deliver brand development, strategic planning and the execution of public relations, social media and marketing services, was a winning combination. We encourage any mortgage industry business that is seeking ways to achieve greater success to consider Seroka’s experience and capabilities as distinct advantages.
Rich Swerbinsky, The Mortgage Collaborative
For more than 10 years, we have exclusively used Seroka to build our brand and create our marketing strategy. Their results speak for themselves; we have become the fastest growing third party verification company in the country. Unequivocally, I would highly recommend Seroka to any organization that wants results and the right people with the right approach to maximize its marketing success.
Steve Grant, Credit Plus