Public Relations involves strategically managing the flow of information from your company to your audience. It kindles awareness of your brand, services and products. It creates goodwill, builds your credibility, and enhances your image. And, it enables you to protect your brand in the event of a public storm.

Our professionals work closely with you to cultivate community relations and maintain a favorable public image for your company or organization. We position you as an expert in your field, a go-to source of information for the media. Whether you are revitalizing or launching a new brand, product, or service; staging an event; or raising capital, our team will create and drive a balanced PR strategy with a compelling message designed to reach and influence your target audience. From speaking engagements and media tours, to press coverage, awards and beyond, our team excels at quickly developing relationships with key constituents to gain high-impact results.

Two of Seroka’s principles are among only 29 Certified Brand Strategists in the country, meaning our agency has the expertise and experience to ensure your public relations efforts are strategically based around the branding strategy you have worked hard to develop.

Media Targeting

Our first step in building relationships with the media is to target the correct outlets, whether that be trade, consumer, online outlets or bloggers. Not only do we develop a media list customized to your organization, but we also spend time researching the topics that the individuals at each outlet write about to ensure that we’re directing our pitch to the most relevant person.

We have relationships with trade outlets in the mortgage, healthcare, specialty pharmacy, manufacturing, and food & beverage industries. We also have contacts at top consumer outlets, as well as top bloggers in the mortgage, health and food genres, and TV news and talk shows.

Media Relations

We work with relevant media to strategically position your brand, product, service or C-level execs and to get your message to your target audience in a positive, consistent and credible way. From top influential bloggers to the best print, online and broadcast media, we make sure your products, services, events and other messages get broad exposure through:

Expert Articles and/or Interviews – Through our media pitching efforts we secure placement of expert articles in trade and consumer outlets, or we ensure that one of your company’s experts is interviewed for a story that an editor or reporter writes. When we secure interviews, we develop talking points to ensure they are smooth and on-message.

News Releases – We draft news releases for the media to create buzz about a new product or service, special event, promotion, award, key new hire and more.

Media Tours – We help you set up personal appearances for company spokespeople at industry or consumer events where you can promote the company brand, products or services. A media tour can position you as an expert in your industry and as a key contact for information on a particular subject. We also assist with online media tours.

Media Showcases – Media showcase events are a unique opportunity for top journalists, bloggers and professionals to meet one-on-one at a single location for the purpose of introducing and learning about new products, and overall knowledge sharing. Typically, events take place in major cities like New York and Los Angeles, and are an opportunity for you to meet one-on-one with some of the most prominent journalists and bloggers in your industry. We attend showcase events with our clients to develop and strengthen relationships with your key media and blogger audiences.

Media Kits – On a basic level, a media kit is a pre-packaged set of informational and promotional materials about your company, such as executive biographies, company fact sheets, etc., that is distributed to the media to announce a new product, service, or event. We can distribute media kits digitally, or help you develop a clever hard copy or dimensional media kit that captures your company’s brand in an intriguing way.

Product Reviews & Giveaways – Our extensive relationships with top bloggers, broadcast and consumer and trade publications, means that we are able to get your products reviewed and written about, thereby driving sales, website traffic and social media interaction.

Awards – Awards can help boost your company or brand’s reputation and credibility as an industry leader. We help submit your product, executive or company for top awards and industry recognition.

Speaking Opportunities – We help secure speaking engagements at major industry events, conferences and expositions to positively position you as a thought leader and bring brand awareness and recognition to your company.

Social Media

Social media marketing helps build brand awareness, trust, and community, drives interaction, offers repeated exposure to target audiences, and establishes your company as an authority and influencer.

Your social media activities must be woven into your overall communications strategy with emphasis placed on the venues that fit with your target audience demographic. Some of the key venues we place focus upon include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and Instagram to build a connection with your target audience, create two-way communication, and position your brand.

Event Planning

When it comes to event planning, our creative energy goes into overdrive. We develop themes that are carefully and strategically designed to build your brand identity and enhance your business. Then we coordinate every aspect of your event – from paperwork through clean up. We take the stress out of product or service introductions, local symposiums, anniversary celebrations, ribbon-cuttings, and every type of special event.


Do you want to make a splash at your next tradeshow? We will ensure your booth, communication activities, and marketing materials all are designed to maximize your key message, reinforce your brand identity and attract the attention of your target audience.

Media Training

Landing a major interview with a top media outlet is the first step. The second step is acing the interview to maximize the exposure for your company. You want to offer helpful, concise information that is relevant to readers and viewers, and still hit your key messages, all while appearing at ease and confident. This is a tall task for some.

We have designed our media training program to help spokespeople feel comfortable in media interviews, ensuring that they are able to articulate their key messages when an opportunity arrives.

All of our media training begins with development of key messages for your company’s three most important topics/angles. From there, we tailor our media training services to meet the needs of all spokespeople — everything from more in-depth training for someone who does not have much experience working with the media, to a simple refresher course for more seasoned individuals. We also provide group media training, complete with recorded mock interviews and real-time feedback.

Issues and Crisis Management

We identify current and potential threats to your organization/company and its stakeholders, and then we develop and implement a crisis management plan to nullify those threats. We will also anticipate and manage contentious issues on your behalf.

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During my tenure as Vice President of Marketing Operations at Prescription Solutions (now OptumRx), I always felt, along with my team, that we were working with a very professional organization that integrated seamlessly with us and always kept our best interests first.
Darren Hume, OptumRx
Seroka’s expertise in navigating public relations raised our visibility from virtual unknowns to recognized industry mainstays in less than one year.
Linn Cook, LendingQB
We chose Seroka as a vendor-partner because of their long, 25+ year history of successes in the mortgage industry. That, combined with their unique ability to deliver brand development, strategic planning and the execution of public relations, social media and marketing services, was a winning combination. We encourage any mortgage industry business that is seeking ways to achieve greater success to consider Seroka’s experience and capabilities as distinct advantages.
Rich Swerbinsky, The Mortgage Collaborative
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Steve Grant, Credit Plus