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At Seroka, we focus on a variety of social media and digital strategies for the online generation of quality leads. By using these strategies congruently, we are able to create an ideal online environment for your brand to successfully contact, engage, inform, convert and retain customers.

Our professionals understand the critical roles these strategies play and how they can successfully drive brand visibility and search engine rankings. To that end, we develop and execute social media and digital tactics that target and positively influence your audience during all online engagements.  Whether your brand is well established online or you’ve just dipped your toe in the social media arena, we can greatly increase the visibility of and interactions with your brand that will ultimately help you achieve your business goals.

Social Media Strategy Development, Daily Implementation and Content Creation

To develop an effective social media strategy, we first determine where your audience is engaging online and how it uses social media tools. We then use this information to develop a strategic social media marketing plan that creates a fluid presence for your brand – one that continuously targets and interacts with your audience in the right place, at the right time. Then we continuously execute and optimize it in order to achieve the best possible ROI for your brand. The ongoing social media strategic support we provide involves establishing and/or monitoring your social media accounts, creating and publishing branded content, and engaging with/responding to communities on social media platforms.

Contests and Promotion Development, Creation and Implementation

Seroka Digital creates, promotes and manages all aspects of our clients’ custom online contests and promotions to ensure they will generate excitement, maximize leads/entries and produce useable content. From basic online contest forms to viral sweepstakes or instant win games, we provide the strategy, research, creative design, and technology necessary to achieve winning results.

Search Engine Marketing and Paid Social Media Strategy

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a paid investment that takes advantage of Google search rankings in an effort to get your website in front of prospects conducting generic searches about your product or service. Because there are many factors and considerations that go into developing the best SEM plan and the way it is optimized each day, we begin by gathering specific corporate and target audience intelligence to engage them effectively.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of ensuring visitors looking for your online content will find it. Our SEO approach begins with a comprehensive audit of your current SEO activities to identify issues that are potentially limiting traffic to your website(s). We benchmark and analyze your current SEO efforts including website structure, content and performance. Then we evaluate the SEO efforts of your competitors. In doing so, we are able to develop an effective SEO strategy that identifies opportunities for content/keyword optimization on all of your primary landing pages in order to measurably increase website traffic.

Website Development

We recognize that your website is a critically important extension of your business and a requisite component of your digital strategy. It must set your brand apart from competing brands and differentiate your business in order to establish an effective and substantial online presence. Seroka Digital designs, creates and customizes websites to answer our clients’ individual business needs.

Mobile Marketing

Our mobile marketing solutions help our clients establish a presence with customers on the devices they use the most – smartphones and tablets. Our mobile strategies integrate a variety of tactics including text messages, push notifications, mobile check-ins, emails and even social media to deliver coupons, discounts, special announcements and other promotions to highly targeted customer groups. By reaching out to customers on their mobile devices, mobile marketing can significantly increase in-person and online interactions.


At Seroka Digital, we don’t just collect online, social and mobile data and stats. We organize and analyze them in order to glean meaningful conclusions that will impact our clients’ digital strategies and tactics going forward. We dive deep to measure followers, clicks, retweets and favorites and closely analyze how your digital content is performing:

  • Consumption metrics: How many people viewed, downloaded, or listened to your content?
  • Sharing metrics: How much does the content resonate, and how often is it shared?
  • Lead-gen metrics: How often does content consumption result in a lead?
  • Sales metrics: Did the content produce any ROI?
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We chose Seroka as a vendor-partner because of their long, 25+ year history of successes in the mortgage industry. That, combined with their unique ability to deliver brand development, strategic planning and the execution of public relations, social media and marketing services, was a winning combination. We encourage any mortgage industry business that is seeking ways to achieve greater success to consider Seroka’s experience and capabilities as distinct advantages.
Rich Swerbinsky, The Mortgage Collaborative
For more than 10 years, we have exclusively used Seroka to build our brand and create our marketing strategy. Their results speak for themselves; we have become the fastest growing third party verification company in the country. Unequivocally, I would highly recommend Seroka to any organization that wants results and the right people with the right approach to maximize its marketing success.
Steve Grant, Credit Plus
Seroka’s expertise in navigating public relations raised our visibility from virtual unknowns to recognized industry mainstays in less than one year.
Linn Cook, LendingQB