At Seroka, you’ll find 2 of only 29 Certified Brand Strategists in the U.S. As a branding agency, the proprietary process we use for developing and building brands has been successfully implemented hundreds of times across many different types of businesses. It’s one of the key reasons we confidently guarantee to grow your business. At the beginning of our client relationships, we carefully select the proper metrics to focus on for growth, such as:

Internal (Culture):

Employee engagement
Brand understanding
Brand delivery
Brand advocacy
Attraction of top-performing employees
Employee retention
Continuous improvement
Operational excellence


Brand awareness
Brand recognition
Brand understanding
Brand uniqueness
Brand relevance
Brand credibility
Brand consideration
Purchase conversion
Customer acquisition
Brand satisfaction
Brand preference
Share of wallet
Brand delivery
Brand advocacy
Stretch (extension)
Customer retention
Price premium
Brand Loyalty


The metrics we select will be based on the objectives identified in the discovery phase of Turning the TelescopeTM, our proprietary brand development process.

Turning the TelescopeTM

Our Brand Development Process - Turning the Telescope

Turning the Telescope is our proprietary, proven brand development process used by our branding consultants to identify evidence of distinction and communicate the brand both internally and externally. We utilize this advanced branding strategy to:

  1. Accelerate sales cycles by identifying a brand’s distinct differences, then developing a meaningful brand essence statement, promise and position.
  2. Shock the central nervous system of brands that are struggling, docile or have lost relevance.
  3. Heal brands that have suffered through any type of crisis.
  4. Provide direction to brands that are vulnerable or have been repositioned by formidable competitors.
  5. Take brand control away from consumers and the media and give it back to the company.
  6. Inspire every employee to become brand ambassadors. This is accomplished through the integration of BEST (Branding Enculturation STrategy), our internal brand adoption program.
  7. Build and implement strong, influential strategic communication plans to promote a brand to targeted audience groups.

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Brand Execution

The WrenchBuilding a brand-driven business starts on the inside. Our parents, teachers and coaches taught us how important it is to be ourselves, and not to imitate or follow others. We apply that same philosophy to our approach when building brands.

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Services and Workshops

Pit Crew Fueling and Changing Tires on RacecarSeroka offers a full spectrum of brand development services. You have the choice of retaining us for our full brand development process, or selecting individual services or workshops based on your specific needs and interests.

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Brand Identity

HiResBrand identity is the outward expression of your brand. It’s your logo. It’s the language you use to describe your company, products and services. It’s the visual appearance of your materials. And it’s the consistent use of your logo and language across all mediums — from print to web, and everything in between.

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For more than 10 years, we have exclusively used Seroka to build our brand and create our marketing strategy. Their results speak for themselves; we have become the fastest growing third party verification company in the country. Unequivocally, I would highly recommend Seroka to any organization that wants results and the right people with the right approach to maximize its marketing success.
Steve Grant, Credit Plus
Seroka’s depth of experience, particularly in working with mortgage bankers was one of the primary reasons we selected them. It was a tremendous advantage for us to know that Seroka already had an understanding of what we do and what our struggles and goals were even before we started working with them.
Jean Badciong, Inlanta Mortgage
It’s important to note that we saw dramatic growth working with Seroka. They think like entrepreneurs, are very proactive, knowledgeable and realize that everything always comes down to the numbers and consistently expressed a sincere interest in our growth as a result of the activities we engaged together.