Seroka provides a full scope of branding services, branding strategy and strategic communications for the mortgage industry. Each of our consultants has the depth of knowledge and experience to measurably build, enhance and promote your brand in critical areas such as awareness, uniqueness, credibility, customer acquisition, customer loyalty, price premium, and many more.

Our brand development process starts on the inside with placing a focus on four critical areas: Who are you? How are you unique? Why do you exist? What are you capable of becoming? When our certified brand consultants take your leadership team through a day of discovery to unearth the answers to these questions, the outcome will be a strong, solid foundation for your brand to stand on to compete and succeed beyond your expectations.

Brand Development

portfolio_4Our brand development services run much deeper than developing a new campaign. Your brand is the core of who you are, why you exist and where you are going. Your brand can be your most valuable asset or your greatest burden. Therefore, our process strikes at the very core of your existence and takes it to a new level with a proven process that we guarantee. Your leadership in the markets you serve is the goal. 

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Strategic Communications

portfolio_2Our strategic communications plans leverage a variety of well-optimized tactics working in concert. Our goal for you is to drive awareness, increase sales and position you as a leader and expert in your field.

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During the course of the recent recession, we found things to be different and as a company we were struggling with how to revise our marketing message to increase sales at a faster rate. We needed a more focused message for our customers. Scott Seroka had a process that he lead my executive team and me through which gave us the ability to dive deep into the key attributes of the company and its products. Scott truly became a key partner in helping me and my team chart a new course toward our new brand.
Keith Coursin, Desert Aire Corp.
Seroka’s depth of experience, particularly in working with mortgage bankers, was one of the primary reasons we selected them. It was a tremendous advantage for us to know that Seroka already had an understanding of what we do and what our struggles and goals were even before we started working with them.
Jean Badciong, Inlanta Mortgage