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The mortgage industry is fiercely competitive. Developing a brand that positions you as a leader is a critical component of success. Employees must clearly understand what your company stands for and against, how your brand is unique and they must know how to deliver upon your brand’s expectations. When your brand is understood and lived internally, it will naturally become understood by your target audience as well when they interact with your brand. A strong brand also has the added benefit of attracting top-tier people to work with your company and gives you the ability to be more selective in your hiring.

Our brand development process is designed to ensure that your audience understands why they should consider working with you over others. The result of the process also provides a strong and relevant reason for partners to align with your company.

As an agency that specializes in the mortgage industry, we have the knowledge, experience, and a proven track record of building powerful brands through a process only we, at Seroka, actually guarantee.


The success of your mortgage industry marketing plan will be directly tied to the health, strength and relevance of your brand. All of the components within your marketing communications must clearly identify who you are, what you stand for and how you stand out among your competitors.

Our mortgage industry marketing consultants understand the dynamics and relationships between industry product and service providers and the consumer. Therefore, we know what works, what doesn’t and will build a plan for your company that leverages the right tactics optimized for the strongest possible ROI.

Public Relations

Your mortgage public relations plan will manage the flow of information from your company to your audience. PR kindles and fuels awareness of your brand, services and products. It also creates goodwill, builds your credibility, and enhances your image.

Our mortgage industry PR professionals will work closely with you to cultivate industry and community relationships and maintain a favorable public image for your company. Whether you are revitalizing or launching a new brand, product or service; staging an event; or raising capital, our team will create and drive a balanced PR strategy with a compelling message designed to reach and influence your target audiences.

We work with:

Mortgage bankers
Mortgage servicers and subservicers
LOS providers
Appraisal firms
Automated valuation providers
Title companies
Document service providers
Credit reporting/service providers
…and all other industry-related product and service providers

Leverage our more than 25 years of experience to your advantage.

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I was very impressed with your company when you presented your approach to help us achieve our goals at our first meeting. It was clear that you not only had a deep understanding and passion for the mortgage industry, you also had the skills and the tools to strengthen our brand leadership. The process you used to define our brand proved to be exactly what we needed.

As we moved forward I can confidently say that all of us at MSI are proud of our new brand, as it is a brand that we all believe in, and one that resonates very well with our customers and business partners.

I would recommend Seroka to any company that is looking for a very strong brand development and strategic communications partner.

Mark Young, MSI
We chose Seroka as a vendor-partner because of their long, 25+ year history of successes in the mortgage industry. That, combined with their unique ability to deliver brand development, strategic planning and the execution of public relations, social media and marketing services, was a winning combination. We encourage any mortgage industry business that is seeking ways to achieve greater success to consider Seroka’s experience and capabilities as distinct advantages.
Rich Swerbinsky, The Mortgage Collaborative
For more than 10 years, we have exclusively used Seroka to build our brand and create our marketing strategy. Their results speak for themselves; we have become the fastest growing third party verification company in the country. Unequivocally, I would highly recommend Seroka to any organization that wants results and the right people with the right approach to maximize its marketing success.
Steve Grant, Credit Plus