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    How To Build a Massive Following on your Social Media Channels

How To Build a Massive Following on your Social Media Channels

This is one of the top challenges that plagues many in the mortgage industry and is no simple task. No matter how much you post, follow others, share others content and tell the world about your personal or business pages, the favor never seems to be returned with the same level of enthusiasm. You’re left wondering how the heck some have tens of thousands of followers while you sit at a modest 100 or so with the goal of hitting 200 by the end of the year.
You’re not alone. […]

Amplify Your Social Media NOW…and here’s how to do it

The buyer path is much more complex than it ever used to be. This is due to the sheer volume of information on the Internet and social networks that connect people all over the world, building their circles of influence. Thus, people now travel a much less linear path toward purchase as they engage on social platforms. Due to the popularity of key social networks, marketers have been using them successfully to share information about their products and services for years now.
The mortgage industry, unlike most other categories, has […]

Top 3 Things to Ask Yourself Before Rebranding

VW, Chipotle, Samsung, BlackBerry, Enron…What do these companies have in common? They were, or are, brands in crisis. And, what about companies that manufacture floppy disks, fax machines, VCRs and cassette tapes? Their brands became irrelevant because competitors found ways to do “it” better. Then there are those laundry detergent balls that look like candy, smart phones that spontaneously combust. In the mortgage industry, we can all think of certain mortgage products or company types that have a certain stigma attached to them due to an outdated or poor […]

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    Ad Blockers Force Mortgage Industry Advertisers to be More Creative

Ad Blockers Force Mortgage Industry Advertisers to be More Creative

Scott Seroka, Principal and Certified Brand Strategist at Seroka Brand Development contributed to this article.
Digital advertisers in the mortgage industry (retail lenders, service providers, etc.) have a right to be concerned about the increasing trend of ad blocking. According to The 2015 Ad Blocking Report by PageFair, there were 45 million users of ad blockers in the U.S. as of June of 2015. This number represents a 48% increase in 12 months!
Ad blocking is officially an issue for all brands that advertise online. This is a stark reminder for advertisers about […]

Millennials’ Home Financing Expectations

Despite narratives of millennials disinterest in buying homes, the reality is that one-third have already purchased their first home and they are rapidly becoming more affluent. Millennials are a rising force to be reckoned with and will have clear expectations and demands when going through the home financing process.
A recent article in Forbes states that they expect a Frictionless Journey™.  As they are digital natives that never experienced life without the internet, mobile phones and digital advertising they will use these resources to construct a seamless pathway from research […]

Micro-Moments: The Mobile Brand Experience


Sometimes reality hits you so hard that you get knocked down to the ground, and you find yourself just sitting there for several minutes, wondering what just happened. It happens to everyone.
It may have happened the first time you googled your name and either saw nothing, or pages and pages of information about YOU, and then you quickly realized how important it was to build, and/or manage your online presence. Or, perhaps it was the moment you went on your company’s YouTube channel and saw that your latest video […]

Are Your Online Marketing Campaigns Geared for Success?

Are you still measuring your online marketing success based on clicks, mentions, likes, views and other traditional KPI’s (key performance indicators) and then using those metrics to drive your campaigns? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, this is quite common in marketing departments across the mortgage industry, both B to B companies (ex. technology providers, wholesale lenders, etc.) as well as B to C companies (ex. retail mortgage lenders).
The problem with this type of measurement is that it doesn’t take into account the new customer journey, which frequently […]

Digital Advertisers Forget to Tell the Story!

We’ve all heard it a hundred times: “people buy on emotion and justify their purchase with facts.”

Then why does so much of the digital advertising you see fail to create an emotional connection with prospects? For example, when seeking out a mortgage lender, consumers are rarely exposed to the many stories lenders can offer that can endear them to that consumer. Stories about how they helped finance the happy couples new home just in time for their new baby’s arrival. Or creating conveniences for the transferring executive to make […]

4 Ways to Make Your Mortgage Customers Your Brand Advocates

Many mortgage companies live and die on referrals. When you make a customer happy, you’ll have an advocate who will gladly provide referrals for years to come, and s/he may even be inspired to promote your name on, Facebook and Twitter. But, when you disappoint a customer or make them angry, your brand name becomes the new naughty word at the kitchen table.
The mortgage and financial industries are unlike others where a consumer pays money in exchange for a product or service that typically comes with some sort […]

Is your mortgage company brand attracting the best talent?

Whenever I work with companies in the mortgage industry to assist them in the process of building a stronger brand, one of the questions I ask is, “Why do you believe you will succeed in such a saturated, hyper-competitive industry?”
The responses I receive are nearly always the same – the CEO or owner will tell me that they will hire the best loan officers, the best support staff, and the best account executives in the industry, and will form strong bonds with their target audiences. (If only it was […]